When Covidiots rule the world

At this point of the pandemic, I have made peace with the fact that we are all doomed.

I’ve casted aside any notions that science will save us. Science can save us. But Science isn’t the one in charge.

Science isn’t the one talking on a podium, talking to millions of people, telling them what to do. Science isn’t the one crafting policies. Science isn’t the one with the voice. Science is just an afterthought. For every 100 good women and men of science who can steer us away from the apocalypse, there is one man with power who can twist what Science says in order for him to stay in power. For every 100 good women and men of science, there is one man with billions in wealth who can convince a few powerful ones: I need more, ignore the people of science, open up the economy. It only takes one man with enough power and greed to render Science utterly useless.

As a brown woman raised in a poor Asian country, who fell in love with Hollywood scifi movies and TV series, I was convinced that it’s the white man – through the help of Science – who will save the world from the apocalypse. I need not worry if the end of the world draws near, the white man and his trust of Science will save us. I believed in the arrogance Americans had been peddling over the years. As it turns out, it is the same arrogance that can potentially prolong this global pandemic.

As I write this, there are already 20.3 millions of COVID19 cases across the globe, a quarter of those cases come from the US alone. With the US being a superpower or with its citizen carrying a powerful passport (they can easily enter around 180 countries), this number terrifies me. Even if a vaccine were to be discovered tomorrow, things will never go back to normal if we were to base it on how a lot of white Americans are dealing with this pandemic. For starters, they trust their American-ness more than Science. It is un-American to wear a mask. It is un-American to not be partying with friends at the beach during spring break. It is un-American to just stay at home. To make American arrogance even more dangerous, they have a growing anti-vaxxer movement in their country. It continues to grow even amidst this pandemic. That means – even if the COVID19 vaccine is already here – there will be millions of asymptomatic, un-vaccinated Americans (without masks) roaming freely, continuously spreading the virus, in schools, at the supermarket, everywhere. And with the health system in the US, even if you wanted to get a vaccine, will you be able to afford it for your whole family? While a lot of US politicians are vowing that the COVID19 vaccine will be free for everyone, what are the guarantees? This is still America, a country that would always favor big pharma companies over the poor and the sick.

Now, I know I shouldn’t care if they love their American-ness so much. Except that it’s these Covidiots who rule the world. If they can export – wholesale – white supremacy to the rest of the world, they certainly have the power to determine how long this global pandemic will last. Even if they are all a bunch of covidiots who do not understand the power they wield.

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  1. Marcus Ampe says:

    For many Americans their president seems to be their god who never can be wrong. With a triumphant voice and an attitude of “I Am the best and the greatest” many believe that clownish figure they had chosen as the head of what was once a great nation build up by pioneers coming from many European countries. Him turning like the wind could present all real news as fake news and as such could make his lies and idiotic remarks to be taken as serious matter. and being more true than the real truth. And so many follow him and cheer for him … of for how long?

    In Brazil, Hungary, White Rusland and Russia he has his partners and together they one day shall be able to be marked in the books as presidents who allowed so many to die for nothing. Their deaths could have been avoided by such simple but drastic measures for a short time, whilst now the country will have to suffer for many more years to come from much worse consequences of the corona crisis.


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