To the one who just discovered this site

Dear visitor,

So I woke up today at noon time and realised I just bought a domain site. An angry drunken decision. I’ve always wanted to get back into blogging, but not as public as this one, I guess. I initially just wanted to write letters that would go straight to subscribers’ inbox (i.e. only those who opted in can read the blog posts), but TinyLetter flagged me as a spammer and suspended my account even before I started writing anything. (Fuck you, TinyLetter. I wouldn’t even have the time to spam people, even if I wanted to)

So now, here I am. With my own [dot]org domain. I could have at least picked a better name and not impulsively chose the name of the album I was listening to while I was drowning my self-pity with wine on a Friday night, in my bed (the name of this site is from Nine Inch Nails’ debut album). The only good thing about this rash (and, let me remind you again, drunken) decision, is I will be pressured to write (blog) regularly because I just paid a lot of $$$ for this site, and I don’t want that to go to waste. And what will I be writing about? Well, let’s just say I want to stick to the theme. I will write about all the things I hate about this world. I will write when I am angry. I will write when I strongly disagree.

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